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Why Do I Need A Strategy?

Don’t underestimate the power of the marketing strategy!

Without a solid strategy, your resources will vanish from day one. Imagine having goals without a clear guide on how to achieve them! Don’t risk wasting time, money and effort. Invest in an effective strategy and ensure the success of your actions!

I understand… But it’s still not clear to me

What do I have to do?

By developing a digital marketing strategy, we can take your business from point A to point B more efficiently.

Every entrepreneur or businessperson should know that in order to scale their business, it is necessary to have a budget item to advertise the business.

In the past, traditional media such as radio, newspaper, and television were considered the best option for advertising. However, at present, these means have become obsolete and their results are difficult to measure. For example, if you decide to run an ad in a newspaper or trade magazine, the publisher may offer you a reach estimate based on the circulation of the media.

This form of measurement was limited, since the only way to know the results was to ask your customers how they reached you, and from that, obtain a percentage of your ad performance and calculate the return on advertising investment or ROAS.

Today, digital marketing provides you with numerous tools so that you can reach super-qualified customers, you can measure the results of your advertising efforts and you can also generate strategies that allow you to reach similar customers and retain those who already know you or have bought. This is where the importance of having a digital marketing strategy lies; Through the creation of the strategy you will be able to:

  • Determine the differentiating value of your product and the way to market it.
  • Determine where to sell your product and its scope.
  • Analyze your competition.
  • Know your ideal client.
  • Plan the best way to reach your audience.
  • Achieve your goals.
  • Analyze your results.
  • Optimize your strategy.

It is very important to remember that:

«advertising does not generate sales»

that is, an advertising campaign in isolation, where you only publish ads on social networks or advertising on Google, may bring you new prospects, but closing the sales of those prospects is determined by the overall strategy of your business and that advertising campaign.

Boost your business results with a complete strategy! Advertising is just one piece of the puzzle, and we will focus on optimizing it to boost your sales. Together, we will increase your business success.


How can I give you access to Business Manager?

I’ll give you my business manager email and you’ll go to business manager option then business setup option and click here add then put my business manager email and click on Admin Access And that’s it if not it does, I’ll help you with ZOOM / ANYDESK .

Do I need a Business Manager account?

yes, you must need it. Without a business manager account, we can’t post any ads or do anything. If you don’t have a Business Manager account, I’ll help you create and set it up.

Is the cost of the advertisement included in the price of the service?

no, you need to handle the cost of ads, the service price is my service fee.

Can you fix the issue with ads or business manager?

Yes, I fixed the problem for all ads and business managers.

if I spend a lot of budget without any conversion?

You will need to redesign your website change or add something new to the product upgrade product price.

What if I have more questions about Facebook and Instagram ads?

please send me a message. I will reply as soon as possible and tell you about your business and how to improve it properly.

Do you provide Awarded Sales or Leads in Facebook Ads?

Actually selling or potential customers depends on the quality of your product or service. website design or landing page and a good price for your product or service. but as a marketer i can guarantee you that i can send targeted traffic

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